Biden: ‘Inflation Is Going to Get Worse’ if Republicans Win

While inflation has hit a 40-year-high under the Democrats’ leadership, President Joe Biden claims that a Republican victory in the midterms will cause inflation “to get worse.”

During a speech to Democrats and supporters in Los Angeles on Thursday, the president claimed that inflation would only get worse if the GOP takes back both chambers of Congress in the upcoming midterm elections.

“If Republicans win, inflation is going to get worse. It’s that simple,” Biden claimed, despite the fact that inflation was 1.4% when he took office and is 8.2% today.

Responding to new data from the Labor Department that showed prices continuing to rise, Biden tried to argue that the report “shows some progress.”

According to the Labor Department data about the consumer price index, prices increased 0.4% from August. Meanwhile, core inflation, which excludes food and energy, reached the highest number since 1982 — increasing 6.6% from one year ago.

Nonetheless, the president attempted to put an optimistic spin on the bad news.

“Today’s inflation report shows some progress,” Biden said. “Overall, inflation was two percent over the last three months. That’s down from 11 percent over the prior three months.”

He also tried to take credit for the fact that gas prices declined from the record highs seen over the summer.

“That’s progress. But a lot of it is the result of getting the cost of living at the gas pump down, by more, now even in California now by more than a dollar nationally since we started this summer,” Biden boasted, despite the fact that the average cost of gas in California was $6.196 per gallon on Thursday — significantly higher than the national average, which was $3.913 per gallon.

Biden, who was recently accused of a quid pro quo for attempting to pressure Saudi Arabia to keep gas prices low until after the midterms, went on to promise that he would continue to work on lowering gas prices.

“The price of gas is still too high and we need to keep working to bring it down,” he said.

While the Biden administration has essentially refused to utilize domestic oil production to lower costs, the president and Democrats in Congress have threatened to retaliate against Saudi Arabia for not helping the U.S. in lowering gas prices.