Biden Is Failing Big Time Ahead Of The Midterms

The midterm elections will be over in less than three weeks. With the clock ticking, Democrats are saying and doing anything they think may help them avoid defeat at the hands of Republicans.

Meanwhile, polls continue to show GOP members are the most trusted on the issues that matter to voters. Even the mainstream media hasn’t been able to avoid covering how Democrats fumbled the bag on crime and the economy.

As the clock ticks, Joe Biden is getting out into the fray to try to help his party members win their elections. Though even this is quickly backfiring.

All Over the Place on Policy
Earlier this week, the president was asked by reporters which policy matter is of the greatest importance to him. Biden couldn’t even give a clear answer, instead insisting that “multiple issues” are critical ahead of November.

This lack of focus is what has prompted the president to be all over the map when it comes to policy matters. In one week alone, Biden’s speeches centered around abortion, student debt, and gas prices.

Unsurprisingly, the president’s remarks switch between making grandiose promises and flat-out lying. Biden’s vow to secure nationwide abortion access if Democrats win next month came around the same time he lied about gas costs being the result of price gouging.

According to political operatives, the president is floundering. He lost the trust of the majority of Americans. Meanwhile, Biden’s attempts to undermine economic problems fall flat because Americans are reminded of these problems every single day.

A Failed Pre-Midterms Strategy
What Biden lacks in policy clarity, he tried to make up with non-stop attacks against the GOP, notably “MAGA Republicans.” Yet, these attacks continue to crumble in the face of real-world facts.

Days ago, the president charged that if Republicans win the midterms, the economy is going to get worse. Though it is on Biden’s watch that the economy has suffered higher interest rates, declining consumer confidence levels, rising inflation, growing numbers of furloughs, and a GDP rate that twice declined.

Biden also claimed earlier this week that he hasn’t interfered with oil production. Yet, his dismantling of the Keystone XL pipeline, interference with drilling on federal lands/waters, and blockages of energy leases tell a very different story.

No matter how much the president lies, the American people can see right through him. This is why his messaging ultimately won’t save Democrats from losing the midterms next month.