Biden is Trying to Skirt Congress to Enact “Green New Deal” Policies

The “Green New Deal” is wildly unpopular. You can tell that it’s not popular because it hasn’t even been voted on. The subcommittees that the bill was referred to haven’t done anything with it either. Still, President Joe Biden’s administration is trying to skip a vote in Congress to implement the Green New Deal.

This isn’t the first time that Biden’s administration has done this. The Covid-19 vaccine mandate bypassed legal authority and was struck down by the Supreme Court and “voting rights” were inserted into a NASA lease bill. These are tactics of an authoritarian administration.

The Green New Deal’s goal is to bring all energy emissions down to zero. That’s not obtainable at this point in time, and will ultimately lead to unstable energy infrastructure and drive costs up.

Biden’s new regulations will affect home appliances, building standards, fuel economy, and government-backed projects, including infrastructure, just in the first 15 months, according to the Daily Caller. Along with soaring inflation, this move is going to hurt Americans and throw people further into poverty.

Brent Bennett, an energy expert at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, told the Daily Caller, “They’re basically using environmental laws to create backdoor subsidies. The problem is that our laws are so broadly interpreted and defined that it makes this possible.” Bennett added, “It allows for this kind of abuse. So, that’s really the root of the problem – Congress didn’t pass good laws and now those laws are being abused.”

During a recent speech, Gina McCarthy, top White House climate adviser, said, “We’re actually going to do 100 rules this year alone on appliances.”

Biden has also proposed regulations that would require federal agencies to consider the “direct, “indirect,” and “cumulative” climate impact under the 1969 National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). This will require permitting approval for any proposed action.

Despite the White House claims that this will increase environmental standards, which it might, is this going to make things better or worse? If Biden wants things to get better all-around, then he needs to leave things alone. But that’s not the plan, is it? We further away from freedom as more restrictions and regulations are placed on Americans.