Biden Is Now Deceiving The American Public

At this point, the nation is stuck with a president who has nothing but one excuse after the other. It would be laughable if it weren’t for the fact that Biden’s incompetence is dragging the nation down the toilet. What Biden is doing is incredibly dangerous, and the polls show Americans aren’t pleased. 

As the country’s voters grow increasingly tired of the 46th president, he has resorted to gaslighting America. For instance, just days ago, when Biden was questioned about the supply chain crisis, he essentially professed voters are too dumb to know how the supply chain works. 

Another gaslighting episode occurred when Biden bungled Afghanistan’s troop withdrawal, indirectly caused the deaths of 13 military members, engendered the rise of the Taliban, and then declared the outcome a success. 

However, this failed president’s latest attempt to pass the buck isn’t shaking out so well for him, as PJ Media has documented. 

In a recent address to Americans, Biden essentially faulted his own White House administration for the country’s problems. Now, at first glance, Biden’s claim may not seem like gaslighting. However, this is what he’s doing. 

Maybe the 46th president forgot, but he heads his administration. Biden chose his vice president and the other members who comprise his team. For the president to now pass the buck on inflation, crime, and supply chain, Biden blames this on his administration is ridiculous. 

Nevertheless, no matter how many excuses and lies leave the president’s lips, the numbers speak for themselves. Per a Harvard-Harris survey, almost six out of ten voters believe the economy is on the wrong course. Let’s not forget how Biden has crushed the economy with COVID vaccine mandates, unemployment handouts, etc. 

The survey additionally revealed 58% of Americans believe the 78-year-old president is currently too elderly to be leading the nation. Substantial Americans also doubt Biden’s fitness to lead and believe their financial situations are worsening. 

No one with a working brain is buying Biden’s narrative that all the problems facing the nation boil down to his administration while he’s just a victim. The president even tells an obvious fish story and expects folks to believe it insults Americans’ intelligence.

Quite frankly, the Biden administration is a failure. However, that’s because it’s led by a failed president who subsequently picked ineffective and dangerous people to join the team. It’s time for Biden and his administration to say bye-bye.