Biden On The Side Of China Or The Uyghurs?

In keeping up with the times, President Biden took a plane to Wisconsin recently to do a CNN town hall in downtown Milwaukee’s Pabst Theatre. The venue can accommodate a live audience of some 1,300 people with as many seats, but as Thomas Lifson reports at the American Thinker, the poor guy could only muster a crowd of some 50 people.

Miss Trump yet?

I’m not saying that all those people didn’t vote for Biden at the last election. Still, it is understandable why people are having a hard time believing anyone voted for him when it’s all Zoom calls from the basement studio and 50-person events. Then you’ve got Donald Trump MAGA rallies with traffic jams heading into it that can be seen from the space station.

Again, I’m not saying that means this is all faked, it just really does kind of look that way, especially to someone who has already had their trust of news reports and government authorities wholly used up, and that’s not their fault, that’s the fault of the news industry and the government authorities.

It’s tough to be sure what’s going on anymore when it’s so easy to deep fake anything and the incumbent powers that be have such vast computational resources at their disposal, a very uncanny and unsettling time in the development of society along the avenues of the digital network.

Anyway, in Wisconsin recently, the President said, when asked by CNN’s Anderson Cooper about the plight of the Uyghurs: “We must speak up for human rights. It’s who we are. We can’t, my comment to him was, and I know him well, and he knows me well. We’re a two-hour conversation.”

Is the rest of Biden’s answer a CCP talking point memo?

“You know, Chinese leaders, if you know anything about Chinese history, it has always been a time when The outer world has victimized China, is when they haven’t been unified at home.”

China may claim victimization by other powers throughout history, but who is victimizing China today?

The American President continued:

“So the central idea vastly overstated the central principle of Xi Jinping is that there must be a united, tightly-controlled China. And he uses his rationale for the things he does based on that.”

What is the purpose of Chinese unity? What is national unity for anyway? An ancient Chinese sage says:

“Those who possessed the highest benevolence were always seeking to carry it out and did not need to be doing so. Those who possessed the highest righteousness were always seeking to carry it out and needed to be so doing.” – Tao Te Ching 38:3

Biden’s answer continues:

“I make a point of pointing to him. No American president can be sustained if he does not reflect American principles. So the concept that I’m not going to come out against what he’s doing in Hong Kong, what he’s doing with the Uyghurs in China’s Western mountains, and Taiwan, trying to, and the one-China policy, by making it forceful, I said, by he said, he gets it. Each country has its set of cultural norms, which its leaders are supposed to adhere to.”