Biden Polling Below Trump at Same Point In Presidency

President Joe Biden dipped below former President Donald Trump at this time in his presidency this week in a new Morning Consult Poll. Published Wednesday, the responses show 58% of Americans disapprove of the Democrat’s job performance to only 39% who approve.

That last number dipped from the 42% of respondents who approved of Biden’s handling of the country last month. If there’s a punchline to this sad tale, it’s that 80% of Democrats are happy with the president’s record.

Much of the ever-increasing criticism of the administration comes from Democrats themselves. Biden is putting pressure on aides to devise a message that reverberates with the American public. And, so far, all they’ve come up with is “ultra MAGA.”

Granted, the list of challenges is daunting by any measure. They include four-decade high inflation, ridiculous gas prices, a collapsing southern border, mass shootings, COVID-19 hangovers, and a war in Europe.

Chris Whipple, who is currently writing a book about the Biden White House, asked if locusts are next.

Jokingly, we presume.

Conceding that, much of the current pain is self-inflicted. Insane levels of government spending overheated the economy; the administration, from day one, lacked the adult version of an energy policy; and the migrant surge resulted from utter disregard for border security.

How long did the administration call inflation “transitory”? Weren’t we supposed to “tough it out? How’s that message playing now?

Few Americans are not directly affected by soaring prices. Those mean more than fuzzy graphs and economic data.

Just last week the White House said the Federal Reserve has a “primary responsibility” to handle inflation. So, it’s no longer Putin’s fault, or China’s, or perhaps UFOs?

And the job of a president and his administration is to steer the ship of state through times of crisis. Despite overly positive nostalgia, every president in every period sees tough times. Remember the Cold War, nuclear winter, 9-11, stagflation, the Great Recession, and so many others?

The calendar is not the Democrats’ friend. November is quickly approaching, and without a miracle — or possibly a distraction — the party knows its control of Congress will soon be just a memory.