Biden Promises ‘Not To Evacuate’ Americans From Ukraine If Russia Attacks

With what I wish I could say was a first for the Biden Administration, The President told Lester Holt in an interview that troops will not assist Americans caught in the conflict if Russia invades Ukraine. No one should be surprised by this stance since Americans were stuck in Afghanistan for months after US troops abandoned them in their hasty withdrawal. In that situation, we already had troops and bases on the ground, so why would anyone think we would do it where we currently have no troops in Ukraine because we just told them to leave.

With the British also withdrawing their troops, Ukraine is on its own to defend its borders. Although many pundits have argued that the United States does not have any geopolitical interest in Ukraine, the safety and protection of its citizens is an entirely different matter. Saying that we will not send troops to help flee Americans withdraw is the definition of weakness. President Biden’s rationale in the interview was that it is a ‘world war’ when Russians and Americans are shooting each other.

What is it then, Mr. President, when non-combatants from countries not involved in a ‘minor incursion’ are not given safe passage and killed by Russian forces, either inadvertently or on purpose? What would that do to the current relations between Russia and the United States? History tells us that things can spiral out of control quickly. The RMS Lusitania, anyone?

What is needed is a strong message from a strong leader that Americans are protected throughout the world, regardless of where or what is going on. This stance deters aggression rather than invites it. Saying we will abandon Americans does the exact opposite.

If we are willing to abandon our people, what does that say about how our commitment to Ukraine, or our NATO allies, is perceived worldwide? Many Americans did not think that Biden could say something to make himself look even weaker, but here we are. There literally is no floor to how far the feebleness of this President can fall. Americans should leave Ukraine, but Putin is not the only reason. They need to remember Afghanistan and who is currently in charge.