Biden Redoubles Ukraine Commitment Despite Waning US Support

Even as critics in his own country accuse him of ignoring or exacerbating various domestic crises, President Joe Biden staged a surprise visit to Ukraine’s capital where he reiterated his desire to continue shelling out U.S. resources in support of that nation’s defense against invading Russian troops.

While there was genuine bipartisan support for limited assistance when the invasion began about one year ago, the White House has continued to increase the amount of money and weapons being sent to Ukraine.

After insisting in March that sending offensive military equipment to Ukraine would result in “World War III,” he reversed course earlier this year by approving a plan to deliver dozens of Abrams tanks.

During a speech in Poland the day after he traveled to Kyiv, Biden asserted: “Our support for Ukraine will not waver, NATO will not be divided, and we will not tire.”

In reality, the public sentiment among Americans is nowhere near as unified as he claimed.

Not only did a recent poll conducted by the Associated Press and NORC Center for Public Affairs Research find that more respondents are opposed to sending U.S. government funds directly to Ukraine than are in favor, but the results also reflected the low level of support Biden has in his handling of the Ukrainian situation.

Just 19% of those surveyed said they have a lot of confidence in the president’s abilities, compared to 37% who have some confidence and 43% who have virtually none.

Nevertheless, Biden used his bully pulpit to spread the misleading claim that Americans are “united” behind a plan to continue propping up Ukraine’s military “for as long as it takes” to defeat the Russians.

“All across my country, in big cities and small towns, Ukrainian flags fly from American homes,” he added. “Over the past year, Democrats and Republicans in the United States Congress have come together to stand for freedom. That’s who Americans are, that’s what Americans do.”

U.S. Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) echoed the sentiment of countless Biden critics in light of the president’s trip to Ukraine.

“When our border is in crisis, Joe Biden goes home to nap in Delaware,” the congressman said. “When Ohio burns with toxic chemicals, Biden’s admin says everything is fine. So on Presidents Day, I’m not surprised that Biden is ditching America for Ukraine. He ditched America’s interests since the start of his presidency. They can keep him!”