Biden Still Denying The Realities Of Inflation

For over a year, Joe Biden’s been lying to the American people about inflation. It wasn’t too long ago that the president was saying inflation would just be a passing stage of economic recovery.

Then, the narrative shifted with Biden blaming Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, despite this happening well after massive price increases across the nation. Eventually, the White House posted on social media that Republicans were fueling inflation by not voting for the 2021 American Rescue Plan.

In the present day, Biden is still lying. His latest mistruths about inflation occurred during a 60 Minutes interview that aired over the weekend.

Understanding Biden’s Latest Strategy
Since the president can no longer write off inflation as “transitory,” he’s now just severely downplaying it.

When questioned by 60 Minutes about inflation, the president argued that inflation only jumped “just an inch.” Meanwhile, the economic data tracking inflation and consumer costs tell a different story.

In reality, inflation stands at 8.3% today which is the highest rate in four decades. Furthermore, inflation also grew last month, despite economists expecting a modest drop in prices.

“Just an inch” doesn’t even begin to cover the upticks in costs of rent, groceries, mortgages, credit card bills, natural gas, and utilities. As a double whammy to inflation, Americans are also suffering from soaring rates of interest that the Federal Reserve is expected to keep increasing.

Nevertheless, when further pressed on inflation by 60 Minutes, the president repeated more falsehoods, with one notably claiming inflation has remained “basically even.”

No Escaping the Facts
Biden’s remarks on 60 Minutes don’t change the reality of what everyday people are up against. Americans can walk into their local grocery store and see rising inflation right before them.

In fact, consumer costs are so out of control that multiple reports document more people are doing their food shopping at dollar stores, rather than grocery stores.

60 Minutes directly confronted the president about the negative experiences Americans are having when grocery shopping, but he still couldn’t take responsibility.

Appearing visibly uncomfortable, Biden continued to dodge accountability and imply that inflation is being blown out of proportion. Despite being asked by 60 Minutes, the president also failed to list any specific measures he believes he can take to reduce consumer costs.