Biden Stokes Racial Division In Howard University Address

Joe Biden spoke at Howard University’s commencement on Saturday, where he chose to once again spotlight White supremacy as “the most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland.” In doing so, he continued the disturbing trend of Democratic leaders stoking racial divisions to maintain their grasp on power.

Biden’s warning to these historically Black university graduates offers a disturbing glimpse into the divisive rhetoric increasingly employed by the left. Moreover, his assertion that he routinely identifies White supremacy as a national terror threat, regardless of his audience, adds an unsettling layer to his administration’s agenda.

The president’s speech was peppered with heavy-handed attempts at unity, yet his comments often veered toward the divisive. He painted a grim picture of America’s racial climate, lamenting, “A vivid demonstration when it comes to race in America, hope doesn’t travel alone. It’s shadowed by fear, by violence and by hate.”

Biden’s decision to fan the flames of racial tensions, particularly at a celebratory event, provides a clear example of the left’s strategy. They seek to keep their electorate engaged by constantly spotlighting social divisions, thus creating a perceived urgency to support their cause.

Biden’s not-so-subtle jabs at the Republican Party were similarly partisan. Biden asserted that the opposition is “dead set against” his student debt relief plan while neglecting to mention the plan’s potential ramifications on the national economy. Such partisan attacks are not conducive to fostering unity and bipartisanship, contrary to his repeated claims of desiring to do so.

Biden’s speech also highlighted his administration’s achievements that cater specifically to the Black community, including his appointment of the first Black woman to the Supreme Court. In addition, he referenced the Howard University marching band’s performance at his inauguration and Vice President Kamala Harris’s position as the first Black woman to hold her office. While these are notable milestones, the president’s emphasis on race over merit raises questions about his commitment to true equality.

It’s worth noting that Biden’s speech arrived in the same week that a new poll showed a significant drop in his approval rating among Black adults. According to the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll, Biden’s approval rating among Black adults fell from around 90% during his early days in office to 58% currently. In addition, only 41% of Black adults want Biden to run in the 2024 presidential election, and just 55% said they would be likely to support him in a general election.

Biden’s divisive rhetoric, coupled with falling approval ratings, paints a picture of an administration grappling to maintain its support base. By focusing on racial divisions and alleged terror threats at home, Biden has missed an opportunity to emphasize unity, progress, and the collective strength of our diverse nation. Instead, his speech served as another reminder of the Democratic strategy to keep Americans divided and maintain their political power.

Our leaders must advocate for unity rather than sow division in times of national crisis and global unrest. The American people deserve a leadership that can rise above partisanship and guide the nation toward a prosperous and harmonious future.