Biden The First President Who Can Start A ‘Civil War’ And ‘World War III’ At The Same Time

Russia has been throwing down the gauntlet over the US bellicose claims and subversive activities.

Russian media asserted that Putin is challenging the tactical actions of the US and NATO approaching Russia’s boundaries around the Black Sea, including military flights and dangerous moves by navy vessels that must be stopped.

Russia does not own the Black Sea but views the ports and access as essential to its national integrity. And recent events in Ukraine continue to escalate Russia’s desire to annex greater portions of waterways attached to Crimea, which it claimed in 2014.

Maria Zakharova affirmed that the US military and its NATO partners are testing the strength of treaties. She claimed that a regular citizen airplane was buzzed, which endangers the security of the airspace and places human lives at serious risk. It should make you wonder what was really on that plane.

Why is the anti-President Joe Biden gambling with a significant conflict with Russia? The USSR was once bankrupt because of military spending, and the USA has exceeded all military expenditures of other nations combined. The Space Race was draining our budgets. Where is China in all this mess? Does he know something about the world’s preeminent superpowers and military readiness that we do not?

The US Embassy in Moscow received a notice about Putin’s anger regarding this event. Russia claims that episodes could have been much more unfortunate. And the only reason people didn’t die in an apparent act of war was because of Russian pilots and air traffic control.

Grandpa Joe Biden recently met with Russian President Vladimir Putin via Zoom. Biden promised Putin that he would lower the boom if Russia attacked Ukraine. He asserted that US financial sanctions would be issued if he did not back down. Putin is not scared of Biden. But that does not mean that he should underestimate the possibility of Moscow getting wiped off the face of the planet in a cloud of confusion. The US has a dementia riddled president thanks to the Democrat Party, who does not have a firm grasp on his faculties. Who knows what could happen in the White House and a military-run by incompetent SJWs in an emergency.

The world realizes that the leader of the US is powerless, puzzled, and not in control of his administration. Could Kamala Harris pull the trigger? Or will war hawks in the administration take over command and control? Biden has already demonstrated that he will sign anything put in front of him. That may include authorization for military actions leading to all-out war.

Democrats always think in terms of political perception. Do they believe that this makes Biden look tough? If so, it is a poor assessment of the US public sentiment and willingness to engage in endless war. It must have something to do with the Russia collusion hoax and the Hunter Biden Ukraine story.

The United State’s woke military under General Milley is too occupied with rooting white supremacists to fight a war. But we can fire rockets and missiles with the push of a button. It is one of the main problems Russia has. They are afraid of the US placing launchers in Ukraine, reaching Moscow in less than 10 minutes.

Many Democrats and their liberal media mouthpieces accused Donald Trump of being a Russian asset. But Trump was seeking to maintain a peaceful detente.

Joe and his radical communist ideologues may be dumb enough to launch World War III as a Cold Civil War is brewing at home in what would become the most disastrous foreign policy debacle ever.