Biden Thinks We Have All Suddenly Forgotten About The Last Two Years

It seems like whoever is in charge of Biden’s Twitter account went to the same State of the Union pre-party that Nancy “rubs her hands like a psychopath” Pelosi went to and had a few too many piña coladas. After the SOTU, this tweet dribbled out:

Here come the endless calls for reconciliation and forgiveness that were bound to happen now that the entire country has simultaneously moved on from COVID at once. This year, the Super Bowl was an inflection point for basically every person that has not been sublimated into the masked cult. The sight of 90,000 people enjoying the annual exhibition of excess shook off the doldrums for everyone, and the politicians have been forced to follow suit.

However, the Biden administration thinks we will all forget how they threatened every American with losing their job if they did not get vaccinated. The president has also made a calculation that people will forget they publicly attacked the unvaccinated and attempted to scare them with claims of a “winter of severe illness and death for themselves, their families and hospitals they’ll soon overwhelm.” The first year of Biden’s presidential term was one of the most divisive ever, so do not be surprised if people not only ignore the tweeted overture but get angered by it.

It might be giving too much credit to the president to think he even knows what Twitter is. The man can barely put a coherent sentence together. Whoever is running the social media side of things for the administration needs to go back to putting out Willow the cat press releases.

On second thought, how are we supposed to take these people seriously? The world is falling apart, which is the best we can do. It is said that Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Biden forgets where he is in our time and his wife puts out cat Tweets. At least the Romans had music while everything came crashing down.