Biden’s 2021 COVID-19 Relief Bill Pushes Radical Agenda

Since COVID-19 emerged, a series of bills have been passed into law under the guise of fighting this virus and helping people who are struggling. Unfortunately, these laws continue to do more harm than good, bringing hardship into Americans’ lives.

Backed by Democrats, the Biden administration has insisted that COVID-19 spending bills will bring about economic relief and defeat the virus. Biden himself maintains that new expenditures for various vaccine campaigns will also help the nation.

Of course, the precise opposite is true. In fact, the country is still grappling with the adverse impacts of the 2021 American Rescue Plan.

$1.9 Trillion Down the Drain
The passage of the American Rescue Plan last year paved the way for various initiatives such as race-based healing programs, detectors for vapes in schools, and an education program in New York City that prioritizes “restorative justice.”

None of this has anything to do with COVID-19. However, initiatives of this nature do use the virus as a mask to indoctrinate society with various forms of wokeness.

Thanks to American Rescue Plan funding, the University of Montana is implementing various racial equity classes. Other facilities have announced they’ll use money from last year’s $1.9 trillion spending bill to teach about Indigenous people’s canoe-building habits of the past.

All of this is funded by taxpayers who continue getting crushed alive by inflation and growing interest rates. However, to rewrite the narrative, Biden released remarks last week about the American Rescue Plan’s “regional economic strategies” investments.

A Slap in the Face to Americans
Many people who find themselves living paycheck-to-paycheck aren’t interested in funding woke, leftist pet projects. However, Biden, with the help of Democratic lawmakers, made it so Americans are paying for this whether they like it or not.

Despite the wasteful nature of last year’s American Rescue Plan, the president isn’t done yet. Biden’s preparing to push for even more spending legislation, this time under the guise of preventing a “fall surge” of COVID-19.

So long as Biden has Congress rubber-stamping his agenda, Americans will continue to pay for spending bills that work against their interests.

This is one of many reasons why America First conservatives are fighting so hard to win the midterms and stop future versions of 2021’s $1.9 trillion spending package.