Biden’s Call With Putin ‘Changes Nothing’ In Ukraine

The Biden Administration has evacuated most of the diplomats from the embassy in Ukraine and has told American citizens to leave the area as soon as possible in response to the threat of a Russian invasion. It is anyone’s guess if President Biden wants war in the region or not. His recent actions are perplexing.

Some would argue a war in Ukraine is just what the doctor ordered to distract from crushing inflation, a botched Afghanistan withdrawal, and embarrassing losses to his agenda in Congress. At the time of this writing, Joe Biden is historically unpopular. The President’s people are looking for solutions that do not involve actual competence. Although his Administration is saying all the right things, Biden’s actions have only escalated the situation.

It is no surprise then that Biden’s much-ballyhooed call with Putin was a big dud. It is unclear what was said during the call since this is not the Trump years where the public analyzed the calls before foreign intelligence services, but it had little impact on changing the status quo.

The world should not expect much from the Chancellor since the Germans have not been on the same side as the rest of NATO regarding the situation, given that most of their energy strategy relies upon Russian exports. It is also unclear to observers what strategic interests the United States has in the historically corrupt Ukraine compared to Russia’s concerns about joining NATO. Visualize how the United States would react if Putin started putting bases in Mexico to motivate Russia.

It costs the Biden Administration almost nothing to tell Russia that Ukraine will never become a NATO partner. It is not a concession to Putin but a simple declaration of geopolitical reality. Regardless of the wishes of the neocons in Washington DC, Ukraine is highly unlikely to meet the alliance requirements anytime soon. Better to let the country be a buffer between Russia and the West than be drawn into a fight that could spiral out of control.