Biden’s Calls For Gun Control Are Being Slammed as Insincere

The American people have gotten several earfuls of pro-gun control rhetoric from the current preident.

Joe Biden claims gun manufacturers need to face lawsuits over the psychopaths who use their weapons to commit crimes. Yet, if this same logic were applied across the board, Americans would be able to sue Toyota or Ford for damages caused by drunk drivers.

On top of this, the president endorsed a ban against 9mm handguns; in doing this, Biden also dishonestly claimed that these pistols can force a human lung outside the body.

The White House is likewise on record saying that Biden doesn’t support measures such as putting more security into schools. As the president continues endorsing more and more gun control, though, he’s now being criticized as partisan and insincere.

The Problems With Biden’s Calls For Gun Control
This past Saturday, Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-NJ) spilled the beans about what really lies beneath Biden’s rhetoric against the Second Amendment.

According to Van Drew, Biden declined to address issues like mental health, premature prison releases, and other issues that play a role in mass shootings.

Likewise, the president remains consistently silent about the regular shootings that happen in cities like Chicago that have heavy gun control restrictions.

While speaking with Newsmax, Van Drew warned the endgame of Biden and Democrats’ calls for gun control is to eventually confiscate Americans’ firearms. This tracks with the president stating that 9mm handguns aren’t acceptable self-defense weapons.

Finally, the New Jersey Republican debunked common talking points that come from gun control activists. Van Drew warned that outlawing so-called “assault weapons” and magazines that carry heavy ammunition rounds won’t work.

These measures are “non-starters,” due to the ability for criminals to readjust standard magazines to take more rounds, along with using tools like hollow-point bullets and hunting rifles.
The Truth About Saving Lives in America
Wanting to save lives in this country should not be partisan or even political. However, Democrats continue to rally around the hyper-partisan argument that only gun control will save lives.

The left will not support any types of reforms involving mental health, school security, ending fatherlessness in homes, or other measures that are removed from gun control.

In light of this, Democrats and the president are being accused of using tragedies like Uvalde to move one step closer to their goal of complete gun confiscation.