Biden’s Confidence Leads To “Scrutiny”

President Joe Biden’s idea of economic success is having an entire workforce pushed to their limit with the COVID-19 pandemic looming over their heads as well as a COVID-19 vaccine mandate that threatens their job even though a large portion of them worked through the entire COVID-19 pandemic and maybe even contracted the virus.

Biden tweeted:

That progress came from the economy opening back up after the COVID-19 vaccine gave local and state governments the security they needed to allow businesses to operate. That’s where that came from. Biden didn’t do anything. On paper, it shows that job numbers and unemployment got better under Biden, but Biden only had to do nothing for that to happen.

Inflation is the one word that would describe 2021, and it’s going to move into 2022 like nothing we’ve seen before. Dollar Tree has raised prices by $.25, and other companies are taking similar strategies. Notably, that’s not a good thing.

Biden even thought this back when he was running for president. The facade of accomplishment buried in left-wing media propaganda isn’t anything new, but Biden says demonstrably untrue things.

He even said, “I know President Trump enjoys taking credit for the economy. Examine the facts, not the alternate facts. President Trump inherited an economy from the Obama-Biden Administration, just as he did everything else in his life.”

Inherited? If energy dominance isn’t something to be proud of and point to a booming economy, there’s nothing that does. Gas prices and food prices were better under Trump than they currently are, and there’s nothing else that will point to a falling economy than a sudden increase in pricing.

It’s not only inflation that’s threatening the United States. There’s still a supply chain crisis that’s not 100% fixed. The Biden Administration has plenty of lawsuits to handle the COVID-19 vaccine mandates and even more possibilities that the vaccine mandates will stick. It’s unlikely, but there’s a chance. It’s challenging to put businesses in a position to defy Biden’s mandate and get fined or risk losing employees.

There’s no win in this situation unless Biden loses. Then, Americans can make choices for themselves.