Biden’s Fence Game And Timing Remains ‘Atrocious’

On March 4, 1829, Andrew Jackson held an open house at the White House, and 20,000 people attended. The tradition continued for almost another 60 years until Grover Cleveland decided to hold a parade. The White House used to be the people’s house. Everyone had access to the governmental seats of power. The idea was that the elected officials worked for the people and not the other way around. We’ve come a long way since then, but not in a reasonable manner.

The authorities have decided to put up the capitol fence again, this time for President Biden’s state of the Union. There are concerns that a United States version of the Freedom Convoy will descend on Washington DC. There might be honking, bouncy castles, and impromptu hot tubs. We could not have that, could we?

The Biden Administration is suitable to be concerned. The ubiquitous “Let’s Go Brandon” movement, the President’s tanking poll numbers, and the angst over inflation have combined to create a consensus that Biden is one of the worst Presidents ever. Far from bringing the country together, the President has sown deep divisions, much like his counterpart to the north. The threat is not so much a violent revolution but a loss of faith in the institutions themselves.

The capitol fence shows everything that is inverted in politics right now. Our better clamor for gun control while they hide behind fences and armed security. They keep the citizens at arm’s length while tearing down the fences at the southern border, degrading our sovereignty as a nation and letting in 2 million unvetted people in 2021.

The capitol fences went up after the January 6 riots when they did nothing more than become a symbol of our division. Presidents do not have to be loved, but they need to be respected. The problem is our elected officials do not respect the oaths they take, so how can they expect to earn the people’s trust? Instead of trying to regain that trust, the Biden Administration keeps putting up literal and figurative fences. It will be a long time before we can all stand together again.