Biden’s Gas Crisis is Now Overlapping with Crime Upticks

Most Americans today have heard of the so-called “Putin price hike.”

This is the Biden administration’s way of trying to blame everything from inflation to higher gas costs on the Russian president’s war against Ukraine. However, the timeline doesn’t support the narrative this White House keeps pushing.

Inflation, which is a huge factor in high gas prices, began nearly one year ago. This is well before Russia hit Ukraine in February 2022.

The blame for high gas prices rests at the feet of Biden, his spending bills, and his anti-energy policies. As reported by The Blaze, it turns out that Biden’s gas crisis is overlapping with America’s disturbing rise in crime.

The Troubling Link Between High Gas Prices and Crime

On April 22, a Fort Worth, Texas gas station was targeted and robbed of $5,000 worth of fuel. This situation is far from an outlier and has been reported in other places across America, such as Los Angeles, California.

Not only is gas being directly stolen from gas stations, but in some cases, it’s also being taken from people’s individual vehicles. Thanks to Biden’s gas crisis, it’s not unheard of for thieves to drill holes into someone’s gas tank as a means of stealing their fuel.

People impacted by these crimes are not only forced to get more gas; they’re also left with the added expense of having to replace a damaged gas tank.

There was a time when gas theft of this magnitude was unheard of. Yet, thanks to the president’s endless vendetta against oil and gas companies, crime rates just went up again.

Deafening Silence From the White House

To this day, the Biden administration has not come out with any statement about the rise in gas-related crime being committed.

The president is more content to talk about how evil he thinks ghost guns and firearms are; yet, he won’t confront the real issues impacting everyone across the nation.

Recently, the White House did announce it would permit oil and gas leases to restart. However, the return of these leases comes with much higher fees and royalty rates than were charged under the Trump administration.

Even with all this on the line, Biden still can’t find it within himself to let domestic energy production thrive without unnecessary red tape.

The unfortunate reality here is that gas prices may get even higher than they are now. This means gas theft and other crimes will continue rising as people get increasingly more desperate and frustrated.