Biden’s New Pan-American Migrant Pipeline

As always, President Joe Biden and his administration are selling migration policies as humanitarian policies. Meanwhile, Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and inflation is still rising.

There have been talks between government leaders in North and South America, including Mexico and Brazil, about new pan-American migration pipelines to bring more people to the United States.

Biden said, “On Friday, we’ll also come together to launch the Los Angeles Declaration, a ground-breaking, integrated new approach to managing migration and sharing responsibility across the hemisphere” while at the Inaugural Ceremony of the Ninth Summit of the Americas.

The problem is that other countries aren’t sharing any responsibility. A report by Human Rights Watch from March 2021 says, “Asylum seekers sent to Mexico by the administration of former US President Donald Trump have suffered violence and extortion by Mexican police, immigration agents and criminal groups.”

Does that mean the U.S. should bring more people into the country? No. Accountability at governmental levels would be more appropriate.

Americans are already frustrated about the mass waves of illegal immigrants coming across the southern border. Bringing migrants in isn’t going to make this problem any better. There’s also the legislative process that Biden needs to go through. Congress hasn’t approved this new pipeline or approved more migrants to enter the United States. This is another example of Biden’s administration ignoring the legislative process.

Biden’s administration has been blocked from altering border policies on many occasions. Last month, a federal judge blocked Biden’s attempt to lift Title 42, which would have made illegal immigration much worse.

Biden added, “Safe and orderly migration is good for all of our economies, including the United States. It can be a catalyst for sustainable growth.”

The main group of people seeing “sustainable growth” are the cartels. Their revenue significantly increased during Biden’s administration by smuggling humans and drugs across the southern border.

With the cartel’s massive profits, Biden’s plan is to try to take money out of the cartel’s pockets. Biden said, “The declaration represents a mutual commitment to invest in regional solutions that enhance stability, increase opportunities for safe and orderly migration through the region, and crack down on criminal and human trafficking who prey on desperate people.”

The pan-American migrant pipeline does nothing to stop the cartels. It might delay them or cause the cartel to use other means to make money, but it doesn’t stop them in their tracks. Criminals will always find other ways to make money committing crimes.

Biden’s plan will also feed private migration. Billionaire-funded non-profits and universities will now be able to import more migrants to serve their own purposes.

United We Dream would be one of those nonprofits that bring in migrants. United We Dream’s website says, “Ove 60% of our members are womxn and 20% identify as LGBTQ” and “We create welcoming spaces for young people — regardless of immigration status — to support, engage, and empower them to make their voice heard and win!” They claim that there are 1 million people across the country “ready to take action for the rights and dignity of immigrants.”

Extraction migration, bringing migrants to the U.S. to work, affects American jobs. Tens of millions of migrants have been brought to the U.S. since 1990 to work, either legally or illegally, for cheap labor. This keeps wages down and eats away at resources that could be better served elsewhere.

Democrats continue to push these policies through emotional, heartfelt phrases like “humanitarian” to pull at the heartstrings of voters, while these decisions are destroying the economy and hurting everyday Americans.