Biden’s Newest Lies on the Economy Are an Insult to Americans

Today’s America’s economy is teetering on the edge of complete disaster. Many people have found themselves unable to afford essentials like fuel for their vehicles and groceries. This comes on top of rent prices, mortgages, and other expenses going up, largely owing to inflation.

If Joe Biden was being honest, he’d admit that his spending bills didn’t pan out as he wanted them to; an honest Biden would also acknowledge the need for the federal government to stop spending and reduce the national deficit.

Unfortunately, this president continues to prove that honesty is something he’s truly not capable of. Americans got to see this earlier this week as Biden told new, outright lies about the state of the economy, according to Twitchy.

An Insult to Americans’ Intelligence

On Thursday, Biden stood before the country at the White House and lied through his teeth like never before.

During his announcement that America will be sending billions more to Ukraine, Biden claimed the US economy is witnessing “enormous growth.”

It’s unclear what this president considers as “enormous growth.” Inflation recently reached 8.5%. Multiple economists are warning that a recession’s going to strike the economy by the middle of 2023.

Then, there’s the 1.4% shrinkage of the economy that took place just this year alone. Also, shortages in food supply are possibly on the way as well.

With all the signs pointing towards economic decline, rather than growth, Biden clearly doesn’t think Americans are smart enough to see what’s happening. The president appears to believe that if he simply says something from a podium, people will believe it.

Unfortunately, Americans don’t have that luxury. Trouble with the nation’s economy is staring people in the face at every turn. There’s no pretending like it’s not real.

What’s Needed For Economic Growth?

Lowering spending and lowering taxes are two very important measures to bring about true economic growth. Yet, these measures run completely contrary to what Biden and most Democratic lawmakers are trying to do.

Thankfully, come this November, Americans will have an opportunity to bring about change once and for all.

Voting Republicans into the House and Senate majorities will play a major role in getting the economy back on track. At the very least, it will prevent Biden from having the votes to pass more spending bills, which is something he’s trying to do right now.

If the president continues to have the benefit of Congress being controlled by his own party, he’ll keep making Americans’ lives measurably worse and more miserable.