Biden’s Nord Stream 2 Decision Comes Back To ‘Bite’ Him

In May of last year, for some inexplicable reason (definitely not related to the United States geopolitical interests), the Biden Administration waived sanctions on Russia for the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline. The pipeline will be used to carry natural gas from Russia to Germany.

Germany’s reliance upon unreliable renewable energy sources has put its energy grid at risk. It looks at Nord Stream 2 as a vital component to shore up its energy needs. It may explain why Germany has been suspiciously muted in its support for confrontation with Russia regarding the Ukraine crisis.

The European Union has placed itself in a precarious position with its insistence on embracing green energy. Because these technologies cannot consistently provide enough energy to meet the domestic demand, they are forced to import energy abroad. Russia, which has no problem exploiting and exporting its massive energy resources, has leverage over the EU (who would rather not deal with the PR disaster of people freezing to death in the winter).

Biden’s move to waive the sanctions effectively gave Russia leverage over Germany, incorporating the pipeline into its energy plans for the last eight months. Suddenly, Biden is threatening to reimpose sanctions if Putin moves on Ukraine.

Is there anyone in the international community taking the United States given the abysmal failures of the Biden Administration in its first year? Even if Biden makes good on his threat, it looks like the EU likes the idea of abundant energy flowing from Russia.

Biden does not believe his threats will have any deterrent effect because he advised all Americans to leave Ukraine in the same speech.

The big problem for the Administration is that once Biden committed the ‘small incursion’ gaffe, it has been an uphill battle to put policies in place to deter Russia. Coupled with the Nord Stream 2 blunder, the President has effectively created his rock and a hard place. Furthermore, the EU is not united in its opposition to Russia because of the energy realities on the ground. Putin surely knows this and will use the situation to his advantage.

Only time will tell if last year’s mistakes will be this year’s international disaster.