Biden’s Popularity Is ‘Going Down’ As His Poll Average Falls Under 40 For The First Time

Joe Biden, who just had his Build Back Better plan labeled “dead” by a Senator from his Democratic party, has just sunk to an all-time low in polls. An RCP polling average shows Biden falling short of the vital 40% support barrier for the first time. The near-octogenarian receives a passing rating from an average of 39.8% of adult Americans, registered voters, and probable voters. Joe Manchin, Biden’s thorn in the side from West Virginia, might have used the exact phrase to characterize the purported president’s status with the American people.

Moreover, Joe Biden’s approval rating is at an all-time low, while his disapproval rate is “lost by a landslide” range. His popularity and disapproval ratings are roughly 15 points apart, with the “disapproves” at a staggering 54.4 percent. Only roughly 5% of voters do not strongly view Biden.

According to the reports, Joe Biden’s legislative program is gone, as is his effort to remove the filibuster. As a result, his public image as a successful or failing President is essentially predetermined. It’ll be challenging to create a new story when there’s already one in place. It would need a significant win somewhere, with someone or something, to turn things around.

Democrats are already snubbing Trump, a fate usually reserved for lame-duck Presidents in their second term. When Biden came knocking, Stacey Abrams, full-time media seeker, had a “previous engagement.” When Biden came to promote his infrastructure bill, two prominent Pennsylvania Democrats, Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman and Attorney General Josh Shapiro, had their dance cards in total.

Do you know what Biden did right when he needed assistance on Capitol Hill to turn things around? He came out in favor of allowing Capitol Hill employees to form unions. He can’t keep his fingers to himself as a three-year-old at a candy store. President-elect Biden has had the Merde Touch for more than a year now.