Biden’s Speech About Food Shortages Was a Complete Dumpster Fire

Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign promises about “building back better” are a far cry from what’s happening in America on his watch. Ironically, life in this country is worse for many Americans than it was before Biden took office.

The president is full of excuses; yet, at the end of the day, he is to blame for this country’s current problems. It was Biden who insisted on passing disastrous spending bills, even when Republicans warned it would run up the national deficit and hurt the economy.

Biden is the one who opted to kill the Keystone XL pipeline even when Republicans and a few moderate Democrats urged him not to. The destruction of America’s energy industry is a huge reason why gas prices today are so out of control.

Unfortunately, added to the long list of Biden-inflicted hardships is food shortages. The president recently spoke about this during a fundraising event; however, he quickly lost control of himself, as reported by Twitchy.

Another Troubling Meltdown From the President
Nine times out of ten, when Biden gives public speeches, they’re usually riddled with gaffes or other strange behaviors. The president’s remarks on Wednesday were no exception.

He first began shouting about “long lines” witnessed on TV where people are forced to scramble for food boxes. Next, Biden proceeded to note that Americans were “hurting” before accusing the “MAGA crowd” of simply aiming to “forget” about people’s economic struggles.

Later, Biden went on to declare that in America, it’s “unbelievable” for folks to have to get into lines for food. Ironically, the very same food shortages that Biden’s railing against are happening under his leadership. This is what he left out of his speech.

In real time, parents across the United States are struggling with the current baby food shortages. It’s already been confirmed that these shortages are expected to last for at least two months.

All Part of a Larger Con
At the end of the day, the president’s Wednesday meltdown doesn’t fit with how he’s chosen to lead the nation. If Biden were really angry about food shortages and the overall financial struggles of Americans, he wouldn’t have put policies into motion that caused these problems.
Biden can blame “the MAGA crowd” all he wants. However, Trump supporters don’t currently control the federal government; Democrats do.

The Democrat Party controls both Congress and the White House; yet, somehow, Biden thinks it’s acceptable to blame Republicans for America’s current problems.

This is all the more reason why Democrats need to be voted out of office this November, followed by Biden in 2024.