Biden’s Transportation Secretary Embarrasses Himself

After running against Joe Biden during the primary season of the 2020 presidential election, Pete Buttigieg was rewarded with the Transportation Secretary job in Biden’s administration. This reward came due to Buttigieg dropping out of the Democratic primaries, clearing Biden’s field, and later endorsing his candidacy. 

Now, with Buttigieg in Biden’s administration, Americans are getting a firsthand look at what incompetence truly entails. Over the past week or so, the Transportation Secretary has taken heat for being out of office amid a nationwide supply chain crisis. 

Furthermore, Buttigieg has come under fire for his tone-deaf remarks about the economy and outright lies to support the Biden administration. However, Buttigieg’s latest comments about infrastructure in the United States genuinely have the American public shaking its head, as The Federalist documents.

When speaking about infrastructure in America, Buttigieg discussed childcare and talked about Biden’s “historic” plan to take on climate change. The Transportation Secretary likewise made it a point to downplay the seriousness of inflation. 

Buttigieg believes that inflation in the United States results from parents being unable to return to work owing to a shortage of available childcare. Like most things to come from the Transportation Secretary’s mouth, this is a lie. 

Inflation is due to the Biden administration paying Americans not to work. Furthermore, Biden’s so-called American Rescue Plan bears responsibility for inflation gripping the United States. However, the Transportation Secretary made sure to leave these details out. 

Later on, Buttigieg proved he still had no plan to deal with the supply chain crisis in the United States. Previously, the Transportation Secretary declared this boils down to massive purchases from consumers; however, this assertion was false later on. 

Quite frankly, it’s unfortunate that this is the type of leadership at the helm of power in the country. God help us.

There are many dangerous aspects of the Biden administration. However, one of the most dangerous realities is that the White House has created much of a crisis. They either deny the existence of these crises or fail to solve them. 

That’s problematic because it means the Biden administration will continue on its current course of action. The absolute cluelessness of Pete Buttigieg and others in charge of the federal government threatens all of us. 

It is past time for America to have leaders that understand how to deal with problems rather than simply lying about them. Moreover, it’s time for the Biden administration to leave office and replace competent leaders who know what they’re doing.