Bill De Blasio Opts Out Of ‘Destroying’ More Of New York With His Non-Announcement

Besides his immediate family, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone in the Big Apple who misses former Mayor Bill de Blasio. With his popularity among his former constituents at historic lows, the former Mayor even managed to alienate liberal stalwarts like CNN. Who can forget CNN anchor Andy Cohen’s drunken tirade on New Year’s Eve where he said that the only thing the right and left agree on is what a terrible Mayor the man has been. When you lose your CNN, you have lost everyone.

Yet, for some inexplicable reason, the former Mayor thought that being hated in New York City would translate into a successful gubernatorial run in the upcoming election. Perhaps someone took the time to tell him that interim Governor Kathy Hochul is crushing all potential democratic challengers by over 30 points which is why he recently changed strategies to consider running for a different office.

After the 11th district in New York was redrawn, he began toying with running for congress like a cat with a piece of string. The only thing that de Blasio has going for him at this point is name recognition, but I would argue it is for all the wrong reasons. On February 15, 2022, the former Mayor ended the ‘suspense’ with this tweet.

When you are mailing it in with a tweet and not a press conference, you know you have hit the proverbial bottom of the proverbial barrel of the political landscape. Beyond his most likely polling in the single digits against the entire field of Democratic challengers, it would be difficult for de Blasio to escape not only his record but defining events of his mayorship.

Who could forget his cringeworthy comedy routine with a hamburger, fries, and foreshadowing of vaccine mandated oppression?

The citizens of New York are feeling a bit lighter today because they do not have to endure another dumpster fire of a campaign by failed comedian Bill de Blasio. Unfortunately, it looks like they will be dealing with a vaccine amulet wearing Kathy Hochul. Is it possible de Blasio would not be so bad in comparison? We will never know.