Bill Gates Warns of “More Fatal” COVID Variant to Boost WHO Mission

Billionaire software developer Bill Gates gave another medical opinion calculated to maintain COVID hysteria by warning of a “more fatal” variant of the coronavirus. He told the Financial Times there is a need for a new “pandemic task force” at an expense of $1 billion.

Gates said the world remains at risk of the pandemic “generating a variant that would be even more transmissive and fatal.” There have been a reported 6.2 million COVID-19 deaths worldwide.

He admitted that the possibility is “not likely” and claimed he doesn’t want to be the “voice of doom and gloom.” Even so, he was eager to speculate by saying the risk is “way above 5 percent” that the world has not seen the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gates said in a February interview that the Omicron variant is a “type of vaccine” that creates “both B cell and T cell immunity.” He admitted that the virus itself has done more to create immunity than the manufactured vaccines.

Going back to at least 2015, Gates has warned of global pandemics, when he said the world was “not ready” for an epidemic and viral infections posed the “greatest risk of global catastrophe.” This year he warned that the world will have another pandemic because of a “different pathogen next time.”

In 2018 Gates warned at a Massachusetts Medical Society discussion that a pandemic could occur within a decade. He said that a viral flu variant could kill 30 million people in less than six months.

Gates has been publicizing a new book being released this week in which he describes the need for a “pandemic task force.” He envisions a Roman firefighter-like global agency that would target “epidemic response and mobilization.” He urges for such an organization to be operated as part of the World Health Organization independent of any national sovereignty, including the U.S.

He estimated that the global task force will need around 3,000 full time employees across various disciplines, including epidemiology, genetics, vaccines, communications, and diplomacy.

He said that the World Health Organization is the only group that can “give it global credibility.” He contemplates an authority to which America must submit for basic health care concerns governed by a “diverse workforce” working in many places around the world.