Bill Maher Thinks That Biological Male And Female Intercourse Is Real And The World Stops

Once again, a fraction of critical and objective thinking from Bill Maher has liberals in an uproar. What would happen if he proclaimed that Jesus Christ was his Lord and Savior? Or what if Bill became a Republican? Then leftist heads would explode.

Bill supports Dave Chappelle, who intentionally walked into the transgender buzzsaw on his Netflix show The Closer. In this comedy show, Chappelle said that biological intercourse should define gender. Amazing!

In an interview with the infinitely dense and obtuse Chris Cuomo’s, who was suspended from CNN because of a physical harassment scandal, Maher said that (gasp) children should not pick their gender. He noted that objecting to pushing transgenderism on kids is not insane stuff that makes you an extremist. A child’s physical orientation is determined at birth and is not up for a vote for the whims of their parents.

Bill Maher hosted Real Time on HBO and was a guest on Prime Time with Chris Cuomo.

Chappelle has a long history of commenting on the trans community. He seems to get a laugh out of people when broaching controversial gender topics and social morés that make people squirm. Maher stood up for his follow comedian against liberals’ demands that youngsters can pick their gender orientation.

Cuomo told Maher that Chappelle is an anti-LGBT and is intentionally offending transgender people. Even after Chapelle went out of his way to voice his support of individuals struggling with their gender in a heart-wrenching story about a trans friend who committed suicide, he still gets criticized by left-wing radicals.

He asked to be canceled after his latest special on Netflix. Maher told CNN’s 16 viewers that he supports Dave and wants this country to seek more healthy discourse in free speech. Hopefully, these people and airports will listen to Bill. Cuomo told Maher that Chappelle was punching down at this community.

Cuomo could not figure out why Bill thinks men and women are real. Chris must be confused about gender himself. Maher said that he and Dave were not going after anyone. Bill claimed that he and Dave are not anti-LGBT, pointing out that the Greek root word phobia refers to an irrational and unreasonable fear or dread. For example, arachnophobia is a fear of spiders. Agoraphobia is the fear of people. Chappelle is not scared of gay people or trans people. Therefore, he is not anti-gay, just like someone concerned about radical Islamic Jihadism is not Islamophobic.

Maher affirmed that individuals who are trans exist. He does not believe in God, but he believes in people who are brought into the world in a body that doesn’t align with their perception of their gender. But Maher objects to discussing altering kids’ genders. He does not like the idea that parents and psychologists encourage children to take hormone therapy to get irreversible gender reassignment surgery. That is a problem for Bill. But why does it bother him?

He related a story about a friend who was a tomboy in the 1980s and believes that she would have been made into a boy in California. She doesn’t have a problem today being who she is: a female who enjoys stereotypically male activities.

Maher is offended when he and Dave Chappelle are called awful dogmatists and transphobic. It is what Bill called Christians. He pointed out that Mario Lopez was canceled for proposing that perhaps 3-year-olds shouldn’t choose their gender. Bill should join the right side.