Black Chicagoans Move To Turn Far-Left City Red

Chicago residents have become frustrated with the far-left rule over their city amid the mass influx of illegal aliens that have been given priority for resources over struggling citizens, and are now moving to turn Chicago red.

The Windy City has been under Democrat rule for decades, with the last Republican mayor leaving office in 1931. Without competition from an opposing party, the Democrats running Chicago have been able to push their radical policies with impunity. However, they may have finally gone too far this time — as Chicago’s embrace of “sanctuary city” policies has led to outrage among its residents, especially Black Chicagoans.

During an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends First,” Chicago residents Cata Truss and Mark Carter brought attention to President Joe Biden’s historic border crisis and the consequences that it has had for their city — flooding Chicago with illegal aliens that have been overwhelming city shelters and resources.

“The Democratic Party has always neglected to pay attention to the Black community,” Truss argued. “That is traditional, and because we have been so committed to supporting that party, they feel that they can continue to disrespect us, to marginalize us, to not hear our voices.”

She then specifically called out far-left Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson (D) — pointing out that he has refused to stop illegal aliens from ruining the city and noting that after only eight months as mayor, he has shown that he will not stand up against the Democrat party line and make a change.

Truss, a longtime Democrat voter, went on to acknowledge that you “can’t keep doing the same old thing and expecting a different outcome.” She then called on her fellow Chicagoans to make serious changes, arguing that it is time for “the citizens of Chicago to turn Chicago red.”

Carter accused Democrats of actually funneling illegal aliens into the U.S. as part of an effort to “replace” Black Americans — an accusation that comes as Black voters and other minorities have begun moving away from supporting Biden.

“It took a while for people to cozy up and warm up to Donald Trump. I understood that the Democratic Party had done just that, done away with our humility,” Carter said. “I knew that he would push that immigration plan to push these people back into the country to close the border, and Joe Biden did the exact opposite as soon as he got in office.”

Meanwhile, Truss has been speaking out in public across Chicago, calling on her fellow Chicagoans to give Republicans a chance to make changes in the city and declaring: “We are done with Democratic Party.”