Black Lives Matter Leader Believed to Have Stolen From the Organization

Over the years, Black Lives Matter (BLM) has managed to rake in millions upon millions in donations. This has often followed controversial police interactions with black Americans. According to BLM, these donations are to fight racism, help black people, and further equality in society.

However, this group is known for many scandals. Years ago, it came out that leaders within BLM used donations to purchase million-dollar mansions. While the organization has yet to provide a clear answer for this, yet another public relations disaster has popped up.

This time, BLM leader Shalomyah Bowers stands accused of laundering millions from the organization that claims to be all about social justice.

What to Know About the Accusations Facing Bowers
Bowers currently faces litigation that charges him with funneling millions of dollars to his consulting business. In Los Angeles Superior Court, the BLM leader is charged with using the organization’s donations as his own personal cash cow.

The lawsuit additionally claims that Bower’s antics created a situation where BLM came under IRS review, along with catching the attention of different state officials.

Ambiguity about how BLM handles donations continues to be a stain on the organization. Over the years, BLM has also been accused of being tight-lipped on how its donations are actually helping the black community.

Critics have warned the organization is a fraud within itself and should be shut down accordingly.

Questions About Donors and More
In the wake of this lawsuit facing Bowers, many Americans are questioning where this leaves donors who gave money to BLM, thinking it would help further social justice.

Some people suggested BLM should be forced to repay donors if their money is confirmed to be going towards the organization’s leaders’ lavish lifestyles.

Bowers, of course, hasn’t given any explanation into where donors’ money is really going. Instead, he released a statement that charged the legal system with targeting BLM due to “white supremacy.”

The BLM leader furthermore denies the claims brought against him, instead citing “white oppressors” as the true villains behind the legal issues he faces.

Naturally, this has been criticized by people who believe Bowers is simply deflecting and refusing to take accountability for his actions.