Blinken and Clinton Pressed on Russia Response

President Joe Biden isn’t cognitively capable of criticizing Russia, and he’s spewing nonsense about Vladimir Putin committing war crimes. So, it’s time for Hilary Clinton to step in as the Democrat to comment on the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Biden first waived sanctions on Russia’s Nord Stream 2, then threatened sanctions when Russia appeared to be escalating tensions.

Biden hasn’t been consistent with the goal of sanctions and neither has his administration. They’ve had to clean up after him constantly because Biden went from saying sanctions were meant to deter to sanctions were never meant to deter. It’s confusing.

If Biden wanted to make a strong move, then he would have stood by his original plan and not put sanctions on Russia. Yes, he would have still faced backlash. But he wouldn’t have looked like a fool.

Then, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky complained that the sanctions weren’t strong enough. Has the United States not done enough for Ukraine? It’s true that nobody wants Ukrainian or Russian citizens to be harmed in this conflict, but the U.S. has given billions of dollars to Ukraine. And for what? Has the country gotten better? Has their military gotten stronger? We didn’t do that so that the Ukrainian president could give us lectures about what we should do.

Then again, Biden’s going to bend over backward for Ukraine because of his corrupt family ties to the country.

On “Meet the Press” with Chuck Todd, Secretary of State Antony Blinken was asked about Russia’s economy and the restrengthening Ruble.

Todd asked, “you have just described a situation, and Richard Engel was telling me, that there are people in Ukraine going, ‘Hey, we’ve got Putin in as weak of a spot as we’ve had him in a long time. This is actually not the time to suddenly negotiate a way for him to get out of this.’ So nobody wants to see more war. At the same time, I don’t think a lot of people, including the president of the United States, want to see Putin remain in power after this. So, can we really end this with giving Putin some sort of gain in the Donbass?”

Blinken basically said that it’s up to Ukraine. To be honest, this entire conflict should have been left up to Ukraine.

The new negotiations could also have something to do with Russia speaking out about Biden’s corruption in Ukraine? The White House is awfully comfortable with negotiating at this point and Putin seems to hold a lot of cards.

Hilary Clinton backed Blinken’s comments.

Todd asked Clinton, “You heard Secretary [of state] Blinken essentially say, ‘look, sanctions relief could happen, it all depends on the behavior of Russia. Can we really live in a world where Putin’s let back into the New World Order?”

Clinton mentioned that there are Swift banks that still aren’t sanctioned and parts of Europe are still relying on Russian oil and natural gas. The banking system is partly mundane because it largely affects the people of Russia, rather than Putin.

Europe is dependent on Russian oil and natural gas because they chose to be. Former President Donald Trump warned Europe that this was going to happen if they continued signing billion dollar deals with Russia.

Clinton also said that there should be a boycott on Russia at the G20, but none of this is up to her.