BLM Founder Caught Lying About Harassment

Black Lives Matter founder Patrisse Cullors was more than “triggered” when Candace Owens showed up at one of her tragedy-funded many mansions to interview her. Cullors was shaken and appeared to cry in a video that she shared on social media.

In response to the video, Owens tweeted, “BREAKING! I am pre-releasing the footage of me showing up at one of Black Lives Matter founders, Patrisse Cullors, multiple mansions. Remember, she fake cried and said I harassed her? LIAR. I kindly spoke to a white security guard (who remained silent) through a gate.”

Owens was polite and had a camera crew with her. Owens wasn’t being confrontational and didn’t bring a mob of people with her to protest. Those tactics would be much more indicative of BLM than Owens.

In the video, Cullors says, “I really need my family to be safe. I need to be safe. I need my child to be safe, and what happened this morning is not safety.”

That’s rich of Cullors to say. Were business owners or property owners feeling “safe” in 2020 during the riots?

Cullors also said, “It’s unacceptable and it’s dangerous for anybody, any stranger, to come outside of my house. They are purposefully building a wedge between black people because they know that when we are together, we’re stronger, and they’ve seen what we’ve done this last decade, and they are literally trying to destroy us, destroy me, destroy the movement.”

Cullors would have you believe that Owens single-handedly destroyed the Black community. That’s obviously not true and any critical thinker could see that it’s not. Cullors also said this from her million-dollar mansion that was funded by people across the country who believed in BLM’s message enough to donate to the cause. Ultimately, that cause has been exposed as a fraud.

There have been a lot of questions about the $6 million mansion that the organization purchased, even though the group has $60 million in funds. Cullors has previously tried to justify the purchase of the home because of the features it has embedded inside. The home has a sound stage that has been used for parties. One of the parties was for President Joe Biden’s inauguration and another for a family member.