Bloomberg Presents Absurd Strategies To Tackle Inflation

According to a ridiculous article published by Bloomberg, if someone is earning a salary less than $300k, that person should try these absurd strategies to tackle the rising costs the entire nation is currently facing. The article suggests some bizarre suggestions about lifestyle changes to “help” Americans deal with inflation.

According to Bloomberg’s article, there are a few ways that Americans can reduce the pain caused by inflation. It starts with budgeting, which is of crucial importance in these inflationary times. Public transportation is worth considering too, which will help Americans combat the high gas prices — and, of course, sell your car. When it comes to food, people should try to switch to cheaper meat substitutes like lentils or vegetables. Bloomberg also advises against bing in bulk.

On his talk show, Pat Gray discussed Bloomberg’s article and gave some interesting replies to its obnoxious conclusions. In response to the article’s headline, Gray joked that the only real solution is to make millions of dollars every year. And if someone doesn’t live in an area with public transportation services, they should just walk — or just “stop being poor.”

The talk show also pointed out that if people actually started following the article’s advice, they wouldn’t be able to sell their cars, since the article also suggests not to buy a new car — what a dilemma. Gray also said that “a vegetable is definitely not a tasty meat substitute; a vegetable is just a vegetable.” Gray also indicated that buying in bulk is actually cheaper, further illustrating just how out of touch Bloomberg is on this issue.

For obvious reasons, the article fails to mention the best chance that average Americans have of surviving historic inflation: the Biden Administration doing their job. Americans are struggling with staggering prices, and it’s time for Joe Biden to provide some realistic solutions.