Boeing ‘Fake Cancels’ Vaccine Mandate For US Workers Joining Amtrak

The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA) is canceling its US vaccine mandates. The company cites a December ruling in federal district court blocking a Biden mandate for federal contractors and subcontractors.

The airplane maker announced the cancellation Friday, joining Amtrak and General Electric (NYSE: GE), two other major companies that recently canceled vaccine mandates for their employees. Chalk a win for the conservative state AGs litigating these federal mandates in court.

Seven states: Sweet Home, Peaches, Potatoes, Dust in the Wind, the Charleston, Tabernacle Choir, and Coal Mountains urged a federal judge to issue a nationwide moratorium on Biden’s vaccine mandate for government contractors Dec 7.

The White House reportedly said it would continue to push for the mandate regardless:

“Following this setback, the White House said the Justice Department will continue to push for the mandate, which was originally scheduled to go into effect in early January 2022.”

Of course, Boeing is still encouraging its employees to get the coronavirus vaccine. Citing a company statement, the Associated Press reported that 92% of Boeing employees in the United States are already vaccinated anyway or have received medical or religious exemptions.

But the company’s CEO did say that it’s estimated fewer than 500 employees who haven’t gotten the vaccination will be required to undergo routine coronavirus testing, which doesn’t sound too different from the Biden mandate.

The judge can theoretically and ideally stop the Biden Administration from continuing to push these unconstitutional vaccine mandates, but maybe can’t stop these companies from still doing pretty much what was in the mandates while claiming they’ve canceled them for public relations boost.

Meanwhile, all these people’s fundamental human right to be the final authority about their bodies and what medicines to put in them or not is in a tug of war among politicians, lawyers, and judges. After a US appeals court in Ohio recently reinstated the federal OSHA mandate for companies employing 100 or more people, Utah Republican Attorney General Sean Reyes escalated the case to the Supreme Court, seeking “immediate, emergency” relief, with dozens of other states, from Biden’s unconstitutional OSHA mandate.