Bolivian Military’s Coup Attempt Fails As Supporters Rally

In a dramatic incident on Wednesday, the Bolivian military launched an apparent coup attempt by storming the presidential palace. Reports indicated that soldiers took over the main square of the capital, sending civilians fleeing. Video footage showed an armored vehicle smashing into the palace, with soldiers breaking in.

President Luis Arce had previously alerted the public to “irregular” military movements. Presidential Minister María Nela Prada confirmed the coup attempt, calling on citizens to defend democracy. General Juan José Zúñiga, the army chief, announced on local TV that the military was no longer following government orders, hinting at significant changes ahead.

The coup was quickly thwarted as President Arce’s supporters rushed to the scene, standing against the military forces and causing them to retreat. General Zúñiga was arrested shortly afterward. In a surprising twist, Zúñiga claimed that President Arce had orchestrated the coup to increase his popularity.

Following the failed coup, President Arce addressed his supporters, thanking them for their support. “Thank you to the Bolivian people,” he said. “Let democracy live on.”

This event highlights the political turmoil in Bolivia, where tensions between the military and the government have escalated. The rapid mobilization of Arce’s supporters illustrates the deep divisions within the nation and the strong public commitment to preserving democratic rule. The situation remains volatile, with potential implications for the country’s stability and future governance.