Boy Scout Children Watch Nude LGBT Members Flaunt Around at Pride Parade

Fully naked bicyclists engaged with young children at a Pride Parade which was held in the liberal city of Seattle.

The children were members of the Boy Scouts of America, with some kids under ten years old.

Both men and women stripped completely nude and held signs, with one sign reading: “Challenge body shame. Build self-esteem.”

The Boy Scouts of America were the parade’s opening act and carried pride flags as they walked down the street. Pro-abortion groups also joined in and made their disgruntlement of the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade known.

Massive shopping platform, Amazon, had employees also march in the parade where they protested for the company to censor all types of books deemed “transphobic.”

With so many different types of groups participating, there was one group, in particular, that was banned. Seattle police officers were told to stay away and were not welcomed to join in.

“Due to the history of Stonewall Sunday and the fact that Pride was birthed from a riot against police brutality, Seattle Pride will not permit police uniforms, police vehicles, any police insignia, or police propaganda to walk in any parade contingency,” the Executive Board of Seattle Pride announced ahead of the parade.

The sexualization of children has been an increasingly heated topic. Naked or scantily clad drag queens are becoming a staple in American society despite pushback from the right. Children have been seen tipping drag queens while they inappropriately dance like strippers. Schools have also welcomed drag performers for students to be witnessed, sometimes without parental approval or knowledge.

As the left claims that their antics aren’t about grooming children and intentionally exposing them to age-inappropriate sexual matters, it’s becoming almost impossible to believe them.

Pride events have become much more of a shock value theme than anything else. Nudity in the pride events is now a typical scene and having children around does not seem to make a difference in adults’ actions and clothing choices (or lack thereof).

It’s not just Seattle that’s experiencing children exposed to nudity, but pride parades around the country are adopting this behavior.