‘Build Back Better Is In Deep Trouble’: Dems Are Running Out Of Time With Biden’s Agenda

Democrats are met with a tight spot with Christmas approaching and just a few legislative days left in this session of Congress. They have to have the $2 trillion Build Back Better bill passed along with the $768 billion bill for defense and find a strategy to raise the debt limit against the deadlines. If they don’t manage to have it done by the time session ends, they can say goodbye to the “full faith and credit” of the United States.

The least controversial of all bills is the defense bill requiring the National Defense Authorization Act of 2022 (NDAA). While everyone agrees that the Defense budget should be approved, Senator Marco Rubio is adamant about having an amendment made that calls for the ban of imports from China’s Xinjiang region. Officials have accused the Chinese Communist Government of carrying out genocide against Uyghur Muslims in that region. Nobody supports genocide, but Rubio is blocking the entire bill, compelling the Senators on both sides to take the negotiation directly to the House using their NDAA. But the problem here is that the process takes time which the Democrats can not afford.

On the other hand, the Build Back Better bill is in deep trouble as Biden and the Senate Democrats run short of time. Senator Joe Manchin has already started telling his colleagues that he doubts the bill can even get passed this year. Manchin is referring to legislation that hasn’t even been drafted. And the radicals in the Senate will not stand for even half of what Manchin wants eliminated.

Will Joe Manchin ruin Joe Biden’s presidency by refusing to endorse his signature achievement? Manchin is expected to satisfy Biden’s compromises and vote for the $2 trillion bills. Biden can only lose if the radicals revolt against his changes to appease Manchin. Radicals don’t care about Biden. They’ll demolish it if it helps their cause.