Bulletproof Vests Intended For Ukraine Stolen In NYC

According to reports, nearly 400 bulletproof vests collected for donations to Ukrainians, have been stolen in New York City. The bulletproof vests were taken from a building in Manhattan’s East Village neighborhood sometime between Tuesday and Wednesday night. These vests were supposedly for healthcare workers in Ukraine and now these healthcare workers will have to wait even longer for the safety gear to arrive to protect them in the warzone.

According to a WNBC-TV report, CCTV footage from a nearby store has been discovered which shows three vans stopping one by one in front of the building, with hooded men entering quietly and casually, loading the boxes containing the bulletproof vests and then driving off.

On Wednesday morning, the theft was discovered and the police were informed immediately. The entrance gate and the doors of the property were found left open.

A large number of these vests were donated by the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office. A representative of the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office, Vicki DiStefano, released a statement saying, “it’s a shame that someone could break into a building and steal supplies that were meant to be given to those afflicted by this humanitarian crisis.”

Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine immediately began raising funds to replace the stolen bulletproof vests. Donations are currently being accepted, and we can bet they will be much better guarded this time around.