California Felon Who Allegedly Murdered Deputy Could Have Been In Jail For Life

A man who allegedly fatally shot and killed a deputy in Riverside County, California never may have had the opportunity to do so if it were not for a lowered sentencing and bail he had previously received.

The man who killed the late Riverside Deputy Isaiah Cordero reportedly is a serial violent felon who under typical circumstances should have been serving a jail sentence of 25 years to life.

“This terrible tragedy should’ve been prevented by the legal system,” Sheriff Chad Bianco said, per the Washington Examiner. “McKay has an extensive, violent past and was convicted of his third strike in November 2021. That case involved kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon. Instead of sentencing him to 25 years to life, which should’ve happened, the judge lowered his bail, allowing him to be released.”

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department made a post on social media honoring Cordero and thanking those who have offered their support in wake of the killing.

The Los Angeles Times reported on the alleged cop-killer’s past:

His first strike came in 1999 when he pleaded guilty to assault with a firearm and spent three years in prison. The second came in 2005, when he and a co-defendant attacked a sleeping couple in their apartment, assaulting them and stealing $3,700 from a safe.

The third strike came when he was convicted on Nov. 8, 2021, of false imprisonment, evading a peace officer, criminal threats likely to result in death or great bodily injury, and receiving stolen property. Evidence included zip ties, duct tape, an ax and gang paraphernalia.

Police agencies in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties began a hunt for the man, who was seen in San Bernardino County.

He apparently attempted to run away from police before his truck’s tires was blown up by a tire deflation device, per Biz Pac Review.

The man reportedly shot at police before they returned fire, killing him.

“McKay was involved in a single-vehicle traffic collision and was pronounced deceased at the scene,” the authorities said.

Cordero’s killer could have been kept out of the streets if a judge had properly done her job, Sheriff Bianco claims.

As the Washington Examiner noted, a court document from a previous conviction revealed that “Judge Cara Hutson dismissed counts of a felon in possession of a gun and a penal code section alleging that he has prior felony convictions, which is required for three strikes.”

The outlet additionally charged that the judge “delayed sentencing twice” before lowering his bail from $950,000 to $500,000.

“We would not be here today if the judge had done her job,” Bianco said.

The high-speed chase can be seen on a video posted by KTLA 5.