California May Ban Diesel Powered Trucks Because Of Racism

The California Air Resource Board (CARB) recently reported a plan to ban diesel trucks from being used on the roads in California by 2040.

The ban is not based on the amount of pollution given off by diesel trucks, the amount of traffic they cause in the streets of California, or even the idea that a cleaner and more efficient large truck may be built in the near future. The ban is based on racism.

Emily Compagno, a co-host of the Fox News panel discussing the reported ban said, “What they’re saying is that is racist, trucks are racist, highways are racist, practices are racist, so what are we going to do? Instead of thinking about things and thinking of how to lift up minority communities we’re going to ban everything.”

The proposed ban on big rigs in 2040 comes on the heels of a recent vote by the same agency to ban the sale of gas-powered automobiles in the state of California by 2035.

According to CARB, “Black and Latino populations experienced “significantly greater air pollution impacts than white populations.”

Some republicans believe that this is just another example of democrats using the “race card” to pass legislation that both aligns with their principles and has nothing to do with actual racism.

Another Fox News co-host, Jackie DeAngelis said, “The logic here is so far gone that it is very mind-boggling but what I will say about this is that Pete Buttigieg is part of the reason we went into the inflation spiral, all the money we have spent on infrastructure, I include in that. Having said that, we have real infrastructure problems in this country we should be focused on fixing.”

At the same time, however, if blaming racism on things that do not involve race is allowing laws and policies to pass, it only makes sense that democrats would push the envelope as far as possible.

This quote from CARB proves that point, “Decades of racist and classist practices, including red-lining and siting decisions, have concentrated heavy-duty vehicle and freight activities in these communities, with concomitant disproportionate pollution burdens… CARB has legal and moral obligations to lessen these burdens.”

Statements like that are made with little not proof but with enough emotion and sympathy to get unneeded laws passed and bans instituted.