California Residents Are Now Living With Water Restrictions

California continues to maintain a reputation as a left-wing, blue state with plenty of government mandates.

In 2020, California was the first in the nation to implement a statewide lockdown as a means of stopping COVID. The lockdown did not, in fact, stop COVID, though.

Right now, the blue state is getting ready to pass a COVID medical misinformation bill. This legislation will have surgeons and other healthcare workers at risk of losing their medical licenses if they share views on COVID that conflict with the state’s positions.

Additionally, the California government’s heavy business regulations have caused a high amount of companies to flee to red states.

It goes even deeper, though. As the month of June gets started, the residents of California are now living with government-imposed water restrictions.

A Deep Dive into California’s Water Restrictions

In the counties of San Bernardino, Los Angeles, and Ventura, residents will face either limitations on their total volumes of water or only be able to use outdoor water up to twice per week.

Collectively, these counties encompass more than six million individuals. California set these water restrictions in place due to the drought facing the state.

Previously, Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) warned that water restrictions would be put in place for California residents if people didn’t voluntarily cut back on how much water they were consuming.

Ahead of the current restrictions, Newsom also claimed water use was increasing as the months of summer approached. Additional stipulations of these restrictions require Californians not to use outdoor water from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Finally, home addresses with odd and even numbers will be given appropriate timeframes for the consumption of outdoor water.

Heavy Enforcement of California Water Restrictions

California very much plans to uphold these restrictions until the government is willing to roll them back. In the applicable counties, patrol officers will monitor the streets to make sure everyone is abiding by the new limitations.

Residents of the state who do not comply will also face some pretty steep penalties. After a warning from law enforcement, Californians bucking the water restrictions could end up with $1,200 fines.

Given the high prices of living in California, along with inflation and surging gas costs, a $1,200 fine could cause major distress to people who are barely making it.