California’s Power Grid Crisis Has Taken An Interesting Turn

In California, the state’s residents are in for rough times. They’re being told not to charge their electric vehicles or overuse other appliances due to the potential for blackouts. At the same time, the governor of the state appears more preoccupied with attacking Florida’s governor than fixing California’s electrical issues.

As a left-wing state, California has railed against fossil fuels, citing them as toxic and dangerous to the environment.

This is why California plans to phase out gas-fueled cars for electric vehicles. However, there’s been no word on what Californians are supposed to do if they’re, yet again, advised not to charge their electric vehicles because of power grid issues.

Despite California’s opposition to fossil fuels and natural gas, this is exactly what’s been helping the state get by amid its ongoing power grid crisis.

Forced to Face Reality
California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) regularly talks a good game about renewable energy, solar panels, and “clean” technology.

However, just this past Monday, almost half of California’s electricity was provided by the fossil fuels Democrats loathe. Not even 20% of the state’s energy came due to wind and solar power.

Nevertheless, the California governor would have people believing a very different narrative if he could. Just this past Wednesday, Newsom touted renewables as the key to preventing future power issues for California.

Coincidentally, California’s power grid crisis happened around the same time that coal miners in West Virginia helped push a dead electric vehicle to a mine for charging purposes.

A Grim Future For California
Were it not for the natural energy and fossil fuels that California loathes so much, the state would be doing much worse than it is today.

However, there’s still no sign that California leaders have any plans to reconsider their policies that would force everyone onto an unreliable energy system.

The entire situation with California’s power grid has proven the overall failure of renewables to work consistently and on a large scale.

In some communities, blackouts have already happened. Critics on social media are now warning that if California continues down this route of shunning natural energy, what’s happening now will look like a picnic, compared to what lies ahead.