Campaign To Recall Los Angeles District Attorney Files Injunction Over ‘Inflated’ Voter Rolls

The campaign to recall liberal District Attorney George Gascon filed for an injunction against the Los Angeles County Registrar for improperly rejecting signatures of registered voters and inflating the number of voters.

The campaign, known as Recall District Attorney George Gascon, needs at least 10% of registered voters in Los Angeles County to sign a petition to recall an elected official, according to local rules.

The Los Angeles County Registrar denied their recall efforts by rejecting nearly 200,000 signatures of the 715,833 signatures submitted by the campaign. Without those signatures, the campaign fell short of the 566,857 signatures necessary to initiate the recall.

While the County Registrar invalidated roughly 28% of the total signatures, the campaign organizers estimated that only 22% of the signatures were invalid.

On Monday, the campaign stated its intention to file an injunction against the county over the invalidated signatures. They claim that they found “clear, obvious, and legitimate challenges” to at least 39% of the nearly 200,000 signatures invalidated by the county.

The campaign also claimed that the county used an “inflated” voter roll. By overstating the number of voters, the campaign faced even more difficulty reaching the required number of signatures to recall Gascon.

The organizers of the campaign also pointed out that the county hampered their ability to review the signature list to determine legitimacy.

“[The county] has placed arbitrary and capricious limitations on the review process that substantially limit review hours, workstations, number of reviewers, access to information necessary to determine the legitimacy of a signature invalidation, and more,” the group stated in their press release.

The group stated that the county has set them back more than a year on their mission to recall Gascon.

Gascon has faced intense public scrutiny since taking office for what critics call a soft stance on crime. In his first year alone, he refused to press charges in 12,000 cases, prompting criticism from the Los Angeles Association of Deputy District Attorneys (ADDA).

In 2020, the ADDA took Gascon to court for attempting to dismiss sentence enhancements against a man accused of murdering a police officer.

Meanwhile, the crime rate in Los Angeles has skyrocketed. The murder rate is up 35% since Gascon became district attorney. In West Hollywood, crime jumped 137% between 2021 and 2022.