Can Eric Adams ‘The Incoming NYC Mayor’ End BLM Disorder?

New York City Chairman Eric Adams is the former NYPD police chief. He has indicated that he wants to save his city and his party from police violence. But he has offered nothing when it comes to ending hooliganism in the streets. 

Kyle Rittenhouse’s recent trial has brought back memories of the 2020 protests, riots, and looting. Derek Chauvin was convicted of the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In the wake of George Floyd’s death, numerous marches turned violent in the streets of major US cities. A flood in violence and lawfulness could be making a rebound. 

Voters in Minneapolis dismissed a proposition to defund police offices and replace them with public safety. Eric Adams, a dark resigned NYPD commander, as chairman of New York City.

Adams will be inaugurated as mayor on January 1, 2022, replacing the inept socialist Bill de Blasio. De Blasio cut the NYPD budget by $1 billion. For New York City, please do not hold your breath for Adams to follow through on his promises. In 2020, shootings almost doubled, and murders went up by 45%. A one-year-old was killed in his carriage in a drive-by shooting in Brooklyn. 

Cops have buckled under political strain pushed by revolutionaries. 

Speaking for leftists everywhere, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, of the Bronx and Queens said she wants to defund the police. She rejects budget tricks and fun math that would prevent police from being forced out of work. She wants to make sure that few cops are on patrol. 

In 2020, de Blasio vowed to cut police funding, and Lori Lightfoot of Chicago did the same even as rioters assembled outside her home. What about the millions of residents of our largest cities who do not have private security? 

Adams has vowed to address police violence and end de Blasio’s failed policies. Adams said he wants to hire more NYPD police officers. He also noted that cash bail changes permit an effect on the legal process in courts and increase the release of violent offenders. Adams supports a stop, question, and search process rather than random frisks of suspicious African American youth. 

Every new politician gets a honeymoon period. Adams’ rule of law and order will begin in 2021, but he will not have an infinite grace period. New York City heads of BLM are planning new riots and arson. Chivona Newsome, a BLM activist, claimed that the group would close the city down and terrorize residents. She wants to shut down City Hall, and her threat carries weight because BLM has made good before. 

Like every progressive and leftist movement, BLM demands political power based on paranoia protests. Their merciless strategies drive grievance politics based on fear and frustration. 

In Portland and Seattle, weak and spineless politicians gave up and allowed agitators to run roughshod over the police. In San Francisco and Los Angeles, homeless settlements and addicts are in charge of certain streets. In Chicago and Baltimore, gang violence, guns, and savagery are commonplace. It is the state of America’s inner cities. 

Many reasonable Americans say we need more spending on police. Adams portrayed himself as a credible leader and advocated for the proper policing changes. As an African American and previous NYPD chief, he has the credibility to stare down BLM extremists. Let us all hope that he does it.