Canada Parliament ‘Cheers Dictatorship’ And Forces The Police To ‘Enact Tyranny’

There is no Canadian Resistance movement. The Canadian Parliament voted to support the boy king Justin Trudeau and his newly founded dictatorship. Every tyrant needs enablers. It is a dark turn as Trudeau has released the police force and powers of the Canadian government on citizens. America takes note: this is the Great Reset.

The US government has been taken over by leftists funded by International, Chinese, and Big Tech money. They began with COVID-19 lockdowns and social media censorship and will stop at nothing to preemptively jail and prosecute those guilty of wrong-thinking. Just look to our northern neighbors for a taste of what’s to come.

The Ottawa Police Department (OPD) fights against the Freedom Convoy trucker protests. Citizens have called the department crisis and emergency phone numbers to express dismay about the police Gestapo tactics to eliminate unlawful gatherings, i.e., peaceful protests meant to save the nation. They have stated that they track calls and jail anybody purposely meddling with them.

Dissenters who want freedom are stomped on, just like in confrontations between Antifa and MAGA police protecting communists and attacking independent-minded people. Suppose the police are not consistent in safeguarding and serving the public. What good are they? In many ways, this only feeds the BLM narrative of defunding the police because they are discrediting themselves by accepting unlawful orders.

Governors have become intoxicated with their power, and police state officers are siding with the tyrants. Hitler’s SS and Brownshirts, the East German Stasi, the Soviet Union’s KGB all needed a compliant population and media to enforce the dictates of authoritarians. Like many western states and republics, Canada has large percentages of its people demonstrating against these mandates, rulings, laws, rules, and tactics.

Even the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) savored the power and control they were using. They delighted in telling average truckers and working men and women to give up their property and freedom. What if nobody was watching and they could disappear people without recourse. Protestors have been relatively quiet for three weeks. Canadians who want their freedom respected have not resorted to violence, rioting, or looting like the BLM activists did in 2020. Instead, Trudeau’s powers have expanded as his jackbooted thugs smack citizens around for calmly holding up signs requesting that the government eliminate the orders.

Instead of a vote of no confidence and removal from office, the Canadian Parliament endorsed a dictatorship. “So, this is how liberty dies, with thunderous applause.”

This crackdown has inspired massive protests across Canada. The crisis for Trudeau is increasing. He asserted that this was necessary and limited but has continued a wide range of tactics, including towing trucks and seizing the assets of individuals.

Police and intelligence experts said they would keep chasing the dissidents even after the protests ended. No statute will prevent Trudeau from using these wartime powers to attack his fellow citizens. Canada cast votes supporting his takeover of the central government. When the Canadian boy-king can declare the Emergencies Act necessary and the members of Parliament agree there is nothing left to stop him. Any effort to take over America, in the same way, will likely face more excellent resistance.