Canadian Freedom Truckers ‘Panicking’ American Democrats

The Canadian Freedom Convoy has impacted that even the mainstream media has been forced to cover it. Sort of. In the beginning, most of the coverage was centered around painting the numbers of participants as small. This plan failed because courage is contagious. Similar truck protests have popped up all over the world. Australia, New Zealand, France, and Austria are also experiencing trucker protests, demanding that the COVID restrictions end.

The United States has been relatively quiet on the trucker front. A convoy was formed in Alaska to support the Freedom Convoy. There have been some rumblings from the Department of Homeland security that similar protests could disrupt the State of the Union or the Superbowl. However, it is unknown if that will materialize at this point.

What has begun to wake up politicians is the Ambassador Bridge protest. The bridge links Detroit to Windsor and is responsible for a large amount of commerce. Ford and Toyota have experienced production disruptions because of difficulty getting needed supplies. It is after only a few days. What will happen if it drags on for weeks?

Suddenly Michigan Governor Whitmer has become highly vocal with regards to the truckers. Doing what she does best, leaving the big decisions to others, she demanded that Canada quickly end the ‘blockade’ on the bridge. The Biden Administration also chimed in, saying that Canada should use its “Federal Powers” to end the protest. Both politicians are very pro mandate regarding COVID restrictions and would not want to see further demonstrations swell up in America.

Note that neither Democrat suggests that Trudeau sit down with the truckers or work out a peaceful resolution. Instead, as progressives tend to do, they view forced compliance as the best way to solve problems. They fail to realize that the insistence on forced compliance caused the protests in the first place. The protests are sure to grow if either government resorts to brute force. The political support for COVID restrictions is waning, just like the efficacy of the jabs. The powers that be do not realize it yet.