Carlson: Transgender Radicals ‘Most Dangerous’ Extremists In US

Fox News Channel host Tucker Carlson boldly responded after an attack on former University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines. He reacted on Friday, one day after Gaines was accosted by trans-rights radicals while speaking at San Francisco State University on the issue.

Equating the far left movement to organized religion, Carlson declared transgenderism to be the “most dangerous extremist group in the United States — there’s no mistaking that.”

Carlson noted on Easter weekend that the U.S. is no longer a Christian country, though he said it is a mistake to label it as “secular.” Every country and every individual, he said, has a religion, even if that religion is atheism.

Then he asked what is now America’s religion since it turned its back on Christianity. For an answer, he turned to St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Fargo, North Dakota.

It was there that Pastor Micah Louwagie spoke to his congregation in the aftermath of the transgender shooter’s attack on a Christian elementary school in Nashville. But it was the shooter, not the three nine-year-olds and three staffers, who became the victim in this sermon.

Louwagie remembered that leaders in Jesus’ time look for any reason, “valid or not,” to crucify him. And they found that reason. He said similarly, it is “baffling” that “someone’s existence can be so threatening that people decide they need to be controlled.”

The pastor continued, saying that laws are made against them or, even worse, “that the people that they find to be so threatening should die.”

Carlson observed that, at least according to Louwagie, it was Audrey Hale’s status as a transgender person that led to her being shot to death by law enforcement. She died for similar reasons that the Pharisees killed Jesus.

Of course, her death at the Covenant School had nothing to do with the fact that she shot her way into the building and murdered six innocents.

The FNC host then noted the fact that St. Mark’s Lutheran Church is no longer Christian, but has shifted to become one of many transgenderist churches.

Converts to this new faith, according to Carlson, abandon their old lives and their old “dead names,” embracing a new self. They believe themselves to be a god possessing the power to control and change nature.

And telling a person who believes they are a god that they are not may lead to deadly consequences. Carlson pointed out that people told they are not a deity “tend to react very badly.” Even worse, these people have the full support of the Biden White House.