CBP Reports Record-Breaking 2 Million Border Encounters

U.S. Customs and Border Protection on Monday made it official: with one month remaining in the fiscal year, a record-shattering two million border encounters have been made.

August marked the sixth consecutive month that tallied over 200,000 migrant encounters at the border, and the 203,597 for the month pushed the fiscal year total to 2.1 million. And there’s still a month to go.

CBP numbers show a spike in immigrants from Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua, part of a run from failed communist regimes. The 55,333 from the three countries is 175% higher than just one year ago. The United Nations says 6.8 million refugees have fled Venezuela.

Meanwhile, migrants from Mexico and Central America continue to decline, taking a 43% drop from a year ago for the third monthly decrease in a row.

In a statement, CBP Commissioner Chris Magnus credited the collapsing communist regimes for the number of migrant encounters.

Republicans see a different culprit in what they describe as lax and ineffectual immigration policies and enforcement. The border floodgates are now shattering records, and this has driven some governors to new actions to address the migrant crisis.

Multiple states are now busing and even flying illegal migrants away from southern areas and into Democratic cities and enclaves to draw awareness to the border crisis. It appears to be working.

Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) responded to the new CBP figures by declaring that the crisis may now catch the attention of the administration. This, of course, is an administration that has boldly claimed the border to be “secure” and that no one just walks across.

At least, Cornyn notes, it has certainly caught the attention of the “mayors of Washington, D.C., New York City, and Chicago.”

The Trump-era Title 42 policy that allowed for immediate expulsion for asylum seekers resulted in 75,153 individuals being expelled in August. The Biden administration has fought this restriction in court.

It calls the voluntary movement of migrants across the nation “un-American.” What is un-American is laying out the promise of an open border and then forcing U.S. residents of the area to deal with now literally millions of illegal migrants.