CDC Breaks Out Old Playbook to Meet New Monkeypox Threat

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) raised the threat level of the new monkeypox outbreak and suggested travelers wear masks to prevent transmission of the disease.

None of the airlines have responded to the announcement. For the moment, the decision to wear a mask while traveling appears to be a voluntary one.

To date, there have been 31 confirmed cases nationwide, according to the CDC.

Although the mask suggestion by the health agency follows a similar pattern to its Covid-19 guidance, the two diseases are quite different. Monkeypox is less lethal and less easy to transmit. Indeed, there have been no confirmed deaths in the U.S. from infection.

There have also been suggestions that the main method of transmission is either through close or sexual contact. The disease is most reported in Africa, where it can be spread as the result of small mammal bites.

Although it is a rare disease, the pictures of people afflicted with it are startling and could generate substantial amounts of fear if there were a widespread outbreak.

The Biden administration is taking no chances with the monkeypox outbreak. President Biden has made public statements claiming that everyone should take the disease seriously and be concerned. The administration has also purchased over 13 million additional doses of the monkeypox vaccine.

Although the CDC is also still recommending masks for travel due to Covid, only a small percentage of travelers are now wearing them. It is unclear if the threat of monkeypox, where there are only 1,000 confirmed cases worldwide with no deaths, will cause anyone to put the masks back on.

Trust in America’s health agencies has been falling due to the constant moving of the goalposts. Americans for Public Trust (APT) recently came out with findings that the CDC’s Covid recommendations were based on poor data. Studies like this add to the public doubt about the CDC’s actions. It is this situation that makes the public less likely to take proclamations about what measures should be taken against monkeypox seriously.

Although most experts do not expect the outbreak to rise to the level of another pandemic, health officials are monitoring the situation closely.