CDC Drops COVID-19 Death Numbers By Thousands

Skepticism about COVID-19 death numbers started toward the very beginning of the pandemic and now the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has admitted that they reported tens of thousands of COVID-19 fatalities incorrectly.

Recently, the CDC changed the death count and dropped the death count by 72,277. The error covered 26 states and the CDC included a footnote that said the overcount was due to a “coding logic error.”

The Daily Wire’s Mairead Elordi explained, “The CDC also noted that some jurisdictions also included probable COVID cases in their death count and that back in August, the data on COVID-19 deaths was changed after they identified a data discrepancy. So they’re pretty cryptic on what exactly these errors were and why they happened, but the end result is that COVID deaths were apparently significantly overcounted.”

Another coding logic error was discovered in March 2021 when the CDC dropped the COVID-19 death numbers by 24% among those under 18 years of age.

Elordi said, “The huge change in the pediatric death count drops the estimate of COVID deaths in children down to 1,341 nationwide. Children were about 19% of all cases but only about a quarter of a percent of those cases were fatal.”