CDC Gets ‘Sneaky’ With New Mask Guidance

The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced last Friday. Suddenly, science became essential to the medical bureaucrats running the country by relaxing its suggested mask guidance. Mask recommendations are now pegged to the hospitalization rate in the surrounding community. About 70 percent of the country no longer needs to wear facial decorations under the new standard. If you are still paying attention to what the CDC says (by the way?), you can check your community’s level relevant to the new mask guidelines by clicking here.

Because the propaganda machine never stops and the media assumes no one has a memory longer than five minutes, CBS offered this Pravda piece regarding the new guidelines:

First, you do not have to wear a mask if you get the vaccine. Then came all the reasons you still must wear a mask even if vaccinated, aka vaccine failure. Now they are moving off COVID, and the medical establishment is starting to say you should wear a mask because of the cold and flu season. It makes you think it might not be about our health at all if you have not been thinking about this for the last two years.

The masking narrative ended at the Super Bowl a few weeks ago, when the hypocrisy of our betters came to a head with 80,000 ignoring the mask mandate. It would have been vilified as a super spreader event just a few months ago.

The country looked at the Super Bowl as the defining moment that it was time to move on. Other than the deepest of deep blue cities, people started going back to life as usual. The CDC must realize this, and they had no choice but to change the mask guidelines. They could not help themselves, however, and continued to play games. The CDC announced on a Friday after a SCOTUS nomination while Russia was invading Ukraine. Oh yes, I almost forgot, President Biden’s State of The Union is coming up this week. Could it be that the timing of the change was so the Administration could spike the football and declare victory?

The CDC would never make policy based on politics, would it? Of course, they would. That is all they do.